New partnership brings brain injury training into the digital age

Together, the two organisations hope to reduce both the risk and damage caused by brain injury and concussion. The pioneering new digital course is accessible globally through a new dedicated website,

A recent study by Headway found there were just under 1000 brain injury hospital admissions per day in the UK from 2013-14. That's one every 90 seconds! The new course talks about prevention of brain injuries, as well as the effects and damage that occurs. Early intervention with these injuries is crucial due to the fact they are not easy to spot and every second counts when concussion is suspected.

Keith Sleightholm, Managing Director of ProTrainings Europe Limited said: “We hope to educate people that early intervention is key. A brain injury can cause a lifetime of disability.

"Someone might just be unconscious for a few seconds but during this time, we do not currently know what is happens to the brain. Concussion is a current theme in the news due to so many sports injuries recently, but the issue goes far beyond sports. Our new E-learning course will help you recognise and deal with these injuries before it's too late."

Not only will this provide vital information to learners, but the proceeds raised by the course will help the charity - meaning each participant is doing an extra bit to help the cause.

Helen Fairweather, CEO of Headway Suffolk said: "Alongside the immediate issues that arise from concussion, the new online training also educates on longer term effects and the methods of rehabilitation after an injury - something often overlooked. This invaluable partnership will help those affected for years to come and improve the lives of so many sufferers."

For more information on brain injury & concussion, visit You can help to save a life, by educating yourself on how to deal with these injuries here:

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