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Head injuries can happen at any time and they can have life-changing consequences for the person and their family and friends. It could be a fall, workplace accident, football kick about or a professional sports match but the consequences can be the same. The most important thing we need to learn is that every head injury must be treated seriously and every action taken to prevent the accident happening in the first place.

Prompt first aid and activation of the emergency medical services are vital as is giving as much information as possible to the paramedics and saving any item that could help the Doctors like the person crash helmet if they were wearing one, as these give vital information on the exact location and method of impact.

This course will look at all aspects of brain injury to give an understanding of how easily the brain can be damaged and how serious brain injury can become. This course will give a better understanding of brain injuries and will help you to help those with brain injuries.

Before we start this course, we will first look at what will be covered during the training. The course is divided into categories and in each category, there are a number of videos. You can pause and watch again any video of the course. We update our courses regularly and you will be able to see the replacement and new videos as they are released.

This may be an online course, but if have any questions during the course you can contact us on 01206 805359, email on support@protrainings.eu or use our online chat on any of our online sites. More information can also be found on www.protrainings.eu.

You work through the course videos in order and we'll now give you a summary of what the course will cover.

In the first section, we will look at brain injuries. This includes an introduction to the brain, stages of brain injury, strokes, concussion and prevention.

The next section looks at the effects of a brain injury where we look at facts about the brain, extreme short-term memory loss, mobile and communication difficulties, left side neglect and behaviour that challenges.

In the final section, we look at rehabilitation and treatment. This looks at the long-term treatment as well as the need for early intervention. We also look at how to support someone with a brain injury and how dogs can be used to help people rehabilitate after a brain injury with the successful program called brainy dogs by Headway Suffolk.