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Course Overview: Brain Injury Awareness


Before delving into the course content, let's take a closer look at what this training covers. The course is structured into categories, each containing several videos. You have the flexibility to pause and revisit any video throughout the course. We regularly update our courses to include new material and replacements.

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Course Content

Section 1: Understanding Brain Injuries

In this section, we explore various aspects of brain injuries, including:

  • Introduction to the Brain: Understanding brain anatomy and function
  • Stages of Brain Injury: Exploring different stages of brain trauma
  • Types of Brain Injury: Discussion on strokes, concussions, and preventive measures

Section 2: Effects of Brain Injury

This section focuses on the impacts of brain injuries, covering:

  • Facts about the Brain: Exploring key facts about the brain and its functions
  • Memory Loss: Understanding extreme short-term memory loss
  • Communication Difficulties: Addressing challenges in mobile and communication skills
  • Cognitive Challenges: Explaining left-side neglect and challenging behaviours

Section 3: Rehabilitation and Treatment

The final section delves into rehabilitation and treatment options, including:

  • Long-Term Treatments: Exploring ongoing treatments and care plans
  • Early Intervention: Highlighting the importance of timely intervention
  • Support Strategies: Discussing ways to support individuals with brain injuries
  • Canine Therapy: Introducing Brainy Dogs, a successful program by Headway Suffolk that utilizes dogs to aid in rehabilitation

By covering these topics, we aim to provide comprehensive insights into brain injuries and their management.