Headway Suffolk is a registered charity in England (no.1075338 ) that offers advice, support, rehabilitation and support services to anyone (over the age of 16) who has, during their lifetime, sustained a brain injury through traumatic accident, stroke, virus, tumour, neurological conditions or other similar events.

We have Neuro Hubs based in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, and our service is offered to those in the areas of Suffolk and south Norfolk.

Your tutor on is course, Helen Fairweather, the Chief Executive of Headway Suffolk. Headway Suffolk's the largest headway group in the UK. We're different to other groups in that we look after people with all neurological conditions, which has given us a good understanding of the brain, and in particular brain injury. I myself saw the advert in the local paper 14 years ago for a position of chief exec and thought that it sounded like an interesting job. Especially as two of my relatives have died of head injury. Since that time I've gained an awful lot of experience looking after people with brain injury. We see 250 people a week. So over 14 years, I've seen thousands of people with brain injury. Every injury is unique. Every person is unique. And I've had the pleasure of seeing some people recover and make a good recovery and go on back to work. When other people would need our help for life. As well as the person with the brain injury, it affects their family and friends. And Headway Suffolk looks after those people, as well. So I can do my job in that I understand about the brain and brain injury, I've undertaken university degrees up to master's level. I understand brain anatomy and I can help my clients to make as full a recovery as possible.