The effects of a brain injury

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The Brain: Control Centre of the Body

The Brain's Multifaceted Role

The brain is the central command centre of our bodies, regulating numerous vital functions and guiding our actions.

  • Autonomous Functions: It directs involuntary processes such as heartbeats and kidney function.
  • Motor Control: Controls movement, coordinating muscle contractions for activities like walking.
  • Cognitive Abilities: Facilitates complex tasks like problem-solving and mathematical reasoning.
  • Emotional Response: Influences feelings of attraction, affection, and emotional responses.

Impact of Brain Injury

Following a brain injury, various aspects of life can be profoundly affected, including personality and everyday functions.

  • Wide-Ranging Effects: Brain injury can impair mobility, speech, language, and emotional regulation.
  • Personality Changes: Individuals may experience shifts in temperament, becoming more irritable or docile.
  • Functional Limitations: Some may face challenges with memory, while others struggle with basic tasks like walking.
  • Diverse Impact: Each person's experience with brain injury is unique, with some facing multiple difficulties and others encountering specific impairments.