Stages of a brain injury

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Understanding Closed Brain Injuries: Urgent Medical Attention Needed

Recognizing the Severity of Closed Brain Injuries

Regardless of assurances, if someone has been knocked out, immediate medical attention is imperative.

Identifying Warning Signs

Signs such as vomiting, headaches, confusion, slurred speech, or violent behavior indicate potential brain injury.

The Gravity of Brain Injury

With only one brain, any significant damage can result in lifelong disability or even death.

The Progression of Brain Damage

Brain injury occurs in stages, lasting up to 48 hours. Initial impact leads to neuron death and subsequent toxin release, causing further damage.

Medical Intervention

Swelling in the brain is managed by draining fluid or surgical procedures to create space for swelling.

Induced Coma: Managing Brain Activity

Induced coma reduces brain stimulation, aiding in swelling reduction and facilitating recovery.