Sexually inappropriate behaviour

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One very distressing symptom of a brain injury can be sexually inappropriate behaviour. This could be when somebody says or does things which you wouldn't normally do in polite society. They don't realize what they're doing, but it can be very embarrassing. The best thing to do is correct people so they gradually learn that you can't behave like that in society. The other thing is to be obvious in your own dress. If you're female, not to wear a low top or a short skirt. Be careful in what you're saying and your own body language so you're not giving the wrong message to the person because they'll misinterpret that. 

Also, be mindful of websites that people with a brain injury might be going on. They will go straight for the porn sites if they have inappropriate sexual behaviour. They won't understand that that's wrong. For young people, it may be that actually they've never had a sexual relationship, and they are curious about it, and are just giving in to the normal urges that we all experience, but they don't know how to moderate that and how to behave in society, so they need our help to overcome that. They can have help through counselling or just being gently corrected into the correct way to behave in society.